Istanbul- Prinkopo- Buyukada-Princess Island

Büyükada is an adventure that must be visited by tourists coming to Istanbul with its historical buildings, beautiful beaches and seashells. People who come here often prefer to come on a day trip, but for me it is absolutely worth staying here for 1 night.I wanted to give you a little guide. I hope you will like it

      I would like to mention a few adrese that should be seen at first: The Church of the Aya Yorgi, The Greek Orphanage, The House of Trotsky, Dlburnu National Park, Princess Cove
Aya Yorgi Monastery,The Aya Yorgi Monastery, located at one of the highest points of Büyükada, was built in the name of Saint George. According to the records of the Patriarchate, the construction of this monastery dates back to 1751. The small church, chapel and prayer place built on this date is known as the old church and is a small building with two floors covered with tiles. The church, which was made of cut stone behind the bell tower on the hill, was the new Aya Yorgi Church …

Cheesecake Recipe: Healty and Raw

Raw food, the food that nature offers us, vegetables and fruits, is the most pure form of nutrition based on consumption. Nutrients are consumed in their raw state without seeing any process or heat. So everything in it is alive in our bodies. It is necessary to take a look at the past to examine the bases of raw feed. That's why we're beaming before milestone. We find that the first people consume everything they find in nature without cooking. . Raw food is a way of life. Individuals who begin to feed raw are making it a philosophy of their lives and start living accordingly. The first thing you should know about them is; it is a lifestyle and one of the types of diet. Each alternative nutrition type, not suitable for every individual. You all know. But if you are just beginning to get fed this way, be sure to consult your doctor. Make sure your body is ready for this.

In this form of nutrition our rules are a bit hard, a little unusual. There are a few basic steps you need…

Most Delicious Mosaic Cake!

Sweet crises are the most delicious and the most practical sweet; Mosaic cake!!! Here is our practical mosaic cake recipe ...

Materials for mosaic cake
* 2 packages of baked biscuit
* 1 cup milk
* 3 spoons of cocoa melted chocolate
* 3 spoon coconut oil

Mosaic cake making
First, break the boots. The most important thing you need to pay attention to when breaking is that we can not crumble.
Melt your butter in a skillet. Mix all the ingredients and a biscuit in a glass.
Pour it onto a stretch film and roll it. Dilersenzi can be given in triangular or square form. Put it in the refrigerator and let it rest for 2-3 hours.

This cake is very easy to make. It is less expensive and therefore affordable. A cake you can see all over the world. It is very popular :)

ALSO you can watch our Mosaic Cake recipe video on youtube :)
Bon Appetit

Puff pastry croissants:Easy Recipes

Ingredients ( for 6 pieces)

   -4 sheets of puff pastry. (rectangle)

- Chocolate drops 

  - Egg yolk

   -Powdered sugar.

The puff pastry is removed from the freezer and allowed to soak in the room heat.A soft rectangular dough dough is cut diagonally from one side to the other to obtain 2 triangular doughs.It is cut in the same way in other doughs and a total of 6 triangular doughs are obtained.A small cut is made in the middle of the wide portion of the triangular dough, and a drop of chocolate is put on top of the dessert spoon.The cut part is slightly opened and folded onto the drop chocolate.It is wrapped in rolls very often and given in moon shape.From the prepared milkshake, the chocolate croissant is placed on a oven tray with oily or greasy paper.Sprinkle egg yolk with the help of a brush and cook until they are reddish in a preheated 180 ° oven.The croissants extracted from the flour are taken to the serving tray after the first heat has exited.Put powdered sugar on them and ser…

Turkey's holiday paradise: Fethiye

Turkey's holiday paradise: Fethiye 
In Antiquity the name is called Telmessos. Muğla province of Turkey remains inside. The world famous lycian way passes through here. You will find yourself in a unique blue and green meeting. Fethiye district is approximately 720 km to Istanbul and 650 km to Ankara. But, among other things, it is the easiest way to get around the Dalaman airport. This is the most commonly used form of transportation. It is approximately 40 km to the town of Fethiye.


Fethiye, Oludeniz, Karagözler, Hisaronu, Ovacik, Belcekiz, Faralya, Göcek, Calis, Üzümlü and many other centers, holiday villages, pensions, apart hotels and luxury hotels can be found. The list is so crowded that if we write here, the page is not enough. The best way to do this is through the internet. It is also possible for you to find the hotels yourself and reach your phones. This is an incredibly touristy place because everyone in the area generally speaks English. Only in 2016 3 …

Healty and easy Truffle Recipe

2 handful walnuts1 handful of nuts1 salted coconut powder10 pieces of dried apricots2 sweet spoon cocoa
-First boil hot water
-Add boiling water onto the dried apricots.Wait for it to soften
-In the meantime, put the nuts into the blender and then add cocoa and coconut
-Add softening dried apricots and keep running the blender
-then take the mixture from it and roll it in the palm of your hand and dip it into coconut powder.

That's all that easy

You can browse the channel for more healthy recipes.Do not miss your comments! Tahnk you

Hallstat: One of the most beautiful villages in the world

Hallstat, a village in Salkammergut in Upper Austria, comes face to face with the fantastic atmosphere and natural beauties of Hallstat. This village is listed on the UNESCO world heritage list. It is also the oldest salt mine in the history of the world. The Celts are the first ones to have settled here. In the village, it is possible to see traces of the iron age

About 1,000 people live in this charming village. It is possible to hire a car, ride a bus or take a train. If you are thinking of traveling by train, prepare yourself for incredible panoramic views. There is transportation from Salzburg and Vienna.

Hallstat is one of the most famous things that reach Alpine. We can say that it has put its back on it. There are a lot of campgrounds, boutiques and pensions in Hallstat, but it is both expensive and hard to find in hot seasons. It is a place I can recommend more for day trips. If you think how you can fit so many places into a single day, here are some places I can recommend …